Locksmith Training NYC – How to Become a Locksmith in New York

Receiving locksmith training in NYC is a straight forward process that still leaves you with a few open options for you to consider. If you want to know how to become a locksmith in New York, especially around the NYC area, then we’ll talk a little bit about what it takes, where you can find locksmith training courses and schools as well as how long you can expect all of this to take you to complete.

Locksmith Training, Courses and Schools in NYC and New York

In the New York City area, the Associated Locksmiths of America have recommended the following schools for learning how to become a locksmith:

Charles Stuart School (In Brooklyn)
Charles Stuart School (New Jersey Campus)

In addition to these locations, you can also consider an online training program for learning how to become a locksmith. If you choose the Charles Stuart School, you can expect to pay a basic tuition of about $11,000 (Financial Aid is available to some applicants) and stay in the program for about one year.

You can try to apply directly to a locksmith apprenticeship in NYC; these apprenticeships can take upwards of 3 years to complete, but once completed, will allow you to become a professional locksmith as a result of all of the “on-the-job” training you have received.

New York and NYC Locksmith Certification and Licenses

Once you complete your preferred method of schooling, education or apprenticeship, you can take the Associated Locksmiths of America certification exam as well as any additional (and sometimes optional) certifications that will boost your potential marketability to employers. This main certification exam consists of 10 “core” topics that will test your knowledge of how to create and duplicate keys as well as key codes, car locks and how to service basic locks. Receiving the best locksmith courses, training and education will help you to be well prepared for this test.

In order to become a certified locksmith in New York or NYC, you must pass this two-part examination with a score of at least 70 percent.

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